Beat of His Own Drum

Like watching Leonardo gracefully complete the Mona Lisa with his last few delicate strokes of the brush, local L.A. drummer Tamir Barzilay captures something deep within the human soul.



An art form forged from the world’s oldest known instrument, with it’s humble roots dating back to Egyptians stretching animal skin over coarse cut tree trunks to produce a low rumble that has undoubtedly been the most inspiring staple of our planets’ musical lineage.



Tamir continues that rhythmic heritage with a smorgasbord of different techniques that thump in tune with every polyphonic vibe that ensues. Capturing a feeling that hearkens back to a baby’s first shake of the rattle. No one is safe from the inevitable feeling that cracks your lips into a smile all the while Tamir lays down break beat riffs.

Check out everything Barzilay in my recent interview at Sofitel Hotel for HHB Media.

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